Birth companion / Doula

Hello! I am Floriane Zitouni but i like to be called « FLO » in english, I’m birth companion or « doula » since 2007. Mother of 3 children (11-13-15 years old). Initially in the tourism sector, after my personal experience of maternity , I decided to orient myself to « the childbirth world ». It thus became a real passion and even a vocation!

Making sure that each woman who crosses my path discovers the options available for her, that she can make her own choices with full knowledge of the options and without any regrets . I support (NON-MEDICALLY) and inform, single women or couples, and their relatives. I do NOT work as a midwife, but we work together. I make sure that all women know the full range of midwifery skills and invite them to choose one. I agree to confidentiality and submit to professional secrecy.

Support during pregnancy

Since each pregnancy is different, so is each support… There is no ideal date to start … My suppoort begins when the expectant mother feels the need (the day after the pregnancy test like the day before childbirth …).     

  • meetings at your home (or elsewhere) of 1h30 (the frequency according to your need and desire)
  • sharing around pregnancy (as well as for administrative procedures if necessary), your desires, your fears, your couple
  • active listening and information
  • anticipation and organization of postpartum (the period after birth)
  • doing your birth plan
  • prenatal massage
  • equipment loan: books, CD, DVD, balloons, nursing pillow, scarves …

Support of your birth

  • possibility of 24/7 availability from the 8th completed month (physically, by phone, email …)
  • according to your choice, presence at your side during your labor AND with the agreement of the medical team
  • also support home births with the presence of a midwife or doctor ONLY
  • help and support for breastfeeding (if it is your choice)
  • Support after childbirth : visits at your home  (by phone or video possible too)
  • help, advice and tips for organizing your new life
  • « debriefing » of childbirth (we will talk about the details of the birth)
  • various postpartum activities and care (massage, rebozo care, bellybinding, babywearing classes, yoni steam or vaginal sauna)

Each of these phases of support can be done with the other parent as well, of course. The doula does not replace the partner at any time, it’s even the opposite!

I’m travelling in the 06 area (Alpes Maritimes) ideally maximum 40 minutes from my house (all other areas will be on a case by case basis)


Price list



Each meeting of 1h30

(for   support, breastfeeding, birth plan or else…)

60 €

Presence at birth (up to 10h) rate from



If you live more than 20mn away from me

If you live more than 30mn away from me

Evening (after7pm) appointement or on Sunday

 + 10 € per meeting

+ 20 € per meeting

+ 10 € per meeting

Meeting possible via Skype – 40€

Maternity Nurse : if you are exhausted, if you are alone, if you have other children… and need some rest and/or support – don’t hesitate to contact me.

We will find a suitable organisation for everyone !

Pre Natal Massage – 60mn : 75€ at your place (90€ if you leave further than 20mn from my place)

Rebozo : 3 hours – from 170€


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